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Beauty Courses (For Both Male and Female Candidates)

The curriculum at the School of Cosmetology and Hairdressing is planned to ensure that every student leaves feeling confident of running a beauty clinic or working in a television/cinema studio as a make-up artist. Tests are held every week to evaluate the performance of each student and certificates or diplomas are awarded at the end of every cours

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles

Hair cutting is an art form. It gives shape and structure to hair styles. Without a good, professional cut, styling has no basis. When designing a cut, you need

  • Precision
  • Good technique
  • Creativity
  • A Good sense of balance.

The ability to cut hair well is built on a structured and formal learning process. Sectioning, using the comb and scissors, and understanding how to achieve balance in a style are all essential elements of your learning.

A competent and professional haircut is the basis of good hairdressing. You should be able to create styles by using different cutting techniques. And you should be able to adapt your techniques to suit your individual clients’ hair types and specific requirements.

Cutting hair is the foundation for styling hair. It incorporates balance, line and movement. And as well as having good technique, you should use care, precision, creativity and, above all, control. A hairstyle is an expression of form and shape. Its purpose is to enhance your client’s appearance.


This  Diploma in Holistic facial training course has been designed for complementary, holistic and massage therapists who would to like offer their clients organic, relaxing and rejuvenating facials without having to enrol onto a beauty therapy programme. One of the main reasons why clients love facial treatments is to have their stress and tension massaged away from their face, neck, shoulders and scalp with the added bonus of caring for their skin and the potential of looking younger! This course will enable you to extend your existing treatment list from hour body treatments up to 2 hours of face and body -The ultimate indulgence! The tutor can also advise how you can incorporate your existing skills into the holistic facials enabling you to offer your clients more choice and variety.

Mehandi and Bridal Makeup

Considering the growing demand of well-trained make-up professionals in today’s world, we have started this professional make-up training institute which offers Training & development, education and knowledge. With a host of different courses available, our Training academy offers flexible comprehensive compelling teaching to ensure that students have all the skills needed to enter the beauty and fashion and bridal industries.

Pedicure Manicure and waxing

The practice of manicuring is a worldwide fashion statement. If you’re putting a chunk of your paycheck into beauty products, manicures and pedicures, you may want to save precious dollars by learning to do your own mani-pedi. How to Manicure gives comprehensive information about keeping natural nails healthy and beautiful, and all the essentials about the chemistry, application and care of artificial nails.

After learning about the risks and rewards of a professional nail salon, you’ll know what to look for when selecting a salon and nail technician. Your personal manicure kit will become your best ally, whether you manicure at a salon or decide to fatten your wallet by doing the manicures yourself. Nail products are at a whole new level, and you’ll discover the latest manicure products and tools to get the job done on a professional scale.

Feet need love too. Last years sandals will look brand new after you complete the steps to a perfect pedicure. Foot problems can cast a cloud on a perfect day. How to Manicure helps you deal with common foot problems and practical home remedies and cures for relief.

Take the anxiety out of manicuring the “other hand” when you learn the tips to professionally apply that perfect shade of polish. How to Manicure takes the mystery out of hand and nail care, pedicures, artificial nails, problem nails and, nail diseases and infections, with emphases on self-maintenance. Take a good look at your nails. Do you need to home manicure? Find all you need to know about home manicuring in this How to Manicure course.