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Embroidery Courses

While some embroidery classes are offered through degree programs in fashion, sewing or textiles, the majority are offered for personal enrichment through a school’s continuing education or adult studies division. These courses are available at many levels, and they all include practical hands-on instruction. Students can learn various embroidery techniques, including beadwork embroidery and Brazilian embroidery.

Basic Embroidery

This personal enrichment embroidery course provides an overview of the basic embroidery concepts and techniques. Typically, students need to bring their own equipment, including embroidery floss, needles and scissors. Students learn the most common and simplest embroidery stitches used to decorate fabric. This course involves hand-stitching as opposed to simply learning how to use the machine.

Advanced Embroidery

Through this class, students learn how to replicate the embroidery designs created by machines. Of the over 400 embroidery designs, students study the ones most commonly used on lace and other fabrics. These include the Swiss, Bonnaz and Schiffli styles. They also learn how to use the machine to recreate original designs so they can be used repeatedly on clothing, table napkins and towels.