Diploma in marine engineering

The candidates of Diploma holders in Marine Engineering are offered rewarding and adventurous jobs in the sectors like Navy, Merchant Navy, and Directorate General of Shipping, Ports, and Manufacturing Industries. The pay scale is according to the skill of the candidate and the employing companies.

Marine engineering technicians (or shipbuilding technicians) design, build, service and repair boats and ships. They might also perform maintenance on offshore platforms, drilling machinery and equipment.

As a technician, you would use a broad range of engineering skills, such as welding, mechanical and electrical maintenance, and electronic equipment installation. Depending on where you work, your duties could include:

  • Fault-finding and repairing electronic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment on boats and ships
  • Assisting in the design and development of new marine equipment
  • Providing engineering support on board a dive support vessel
  • Refurbishing older craft with new navigation and communications systems
  • Using underwater craft (remotely operated vehicles – ROVs) to inspect undersea pipelines
  • Supervising a team of craftspeople in a ship or boatyard
  • Maintaining weapons systems, radar and sonar on board Royal Navy warships.